The Characters

General Manager

The General Manager at Del Mar 8, Alex is also one of the most effective workers. He does all the things you just can't help liking him for, like helping out during a rush, making the work schedule early in the week, and just generally being as helpful as possible. Praise Alex!

Another Del Mar 8 manager, Shiarra typically opens the theatre for the morning shows. While she's known to bark at people on occasion, she is generally quite well-liked. Her hobbies include good-naturedly harrassing Wayne and Eleanore.

Known as the smooth deliverer of hilarity, Wayne is a new manager at the Del Mar 8. A man who enjoys the finer things in life - cynicism, cockiness, and Monty Python - Wayne is one of the hardest workers, with the best sense of humor. Wayne is willing to do just about anything and everything, often at the behest of Shierra, another manager.


Angeles has the distinction of being the only member of the Del Mar 8 staff who is out of her twenties, though she bears this cross with a wise, graceful sweetness - and a very heavy accent.

Concessionist / Doorwoman

A pissy, apathetic bitch who somehow manages to do her job halfway decently. In all actuality, Eleanore is an efficient, clean, and quick worker, but she refuses compromise when it comes to upselling items. She's been stranded for the last six months straight working concessions, an experience that's left her with a deep-seated hatred for making pretzels, and an even deeper love for popcorn. Eleanore is Del Mar 8's truest heroine, because Eleanore is... Eleanore!

Kara & Heather
Concession Supervisors

These two dedicated employees should be managers by now, but aren't old enough, so instead they've recently been termed "concession supervisors". Basically, they receive the same lame-ass minimum wage, but have a fancier job title to attach it to. These two are the ever under-appreciated and unrecognized hardest workers. Many of the crew love them just because they're always willing to do anything, if you're too much of a lazy ass to do it - and because they're just so damn nice. Identical twins, they can be difficult to distinguish at times, though they have very different personalites. Heather is inclined towards chocolate, Cheez-Its, vampires, and shiny things; Kara, on the other hand, loves anime, and being fake-nice to kids with stressed out mothers.

Concessionist / Box Office

Once upon a time, there were three Ryans at the Del Mar 8; hence, they were on a last-name basis. Now, there is but one Ryan remaining, but he is still known affectionately as "Kidd". The staff loves him despite his faults - Ryan tends to be a bit of a whiner, and is an unashamed food-moocher. Nevertheless, he's a good concessionist and box-office boy - one of the youngest on the crew, in fact. "Happy go lucky" and "in your face" describe Ryan "Kidd" well, and you're always left unsure if you should like him, or harbor a desire to smack him upside the head.

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