Sunday, March 20th, 2005


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Cinnamon Popcorn Sunday, March 20th, 2005 | Archives

So, we've got our second strip by the amazing Jonnie (a coworker of mine), and it's once again hilarous, and much better coloured than I could ever hope to achieve myself. Give him praises, cause he rocks at getting me out of tight spots.

What tight spot am I stuck in THIS week, you're probably wondering in an expasperated manner? Well, I was given an ultimatum by my mother that if I didn't finish unpacking my room, I would be skewered on a large poker, so I did that this week. Unfortunately, I have zillions of papers around, most of which are drawings or leftovers from Fall '04 semester, and it seems all my little bits of paper with my DM8 material got lost in the shuffle.

Not to worry, I have Spring Break to find them, which is this week, and I intend to do so. So expect a strip from me next week.

For now, enjoy Jonnie's great handiwork, wish him to get well soon (he just broke his finger! yar), and we'll see you next week.

::Eleanore, your-disgruntled-that-she-can-never-find-anything-when-she-actually-NEEDS-it (web)mistress DM8


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